Friday, July 4, 2008

Veggie Garden

Each year we battle various critters who invade our plantings. We have placed metal hoops over a row of string beans, topped with bird nettings, and have put down appropriately placed stones to hold the netting. This usually works and gives the plants room to grow.

Here Marcia plants a new row of green and yellow beans. They should produce a second crop in late August or early September.

The summer squash are coming along nicely. Marcia works on cleaning weeds around the yellow variety, and in the foreground, the green zuchinni wait for help as they emerge from the weeds.

Our tomatoes and peppers are making progress. Bill goes after the weeds on either side of the caged rows. We planted some extra tomatoes as some of the first effort didn't look healthy. In the background to the left is this year's outstanding failure. We had almost zero percent germination of our super-sweet sweet corn. Fortunately, we have some supply of last year's crop in the freezer!

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