Friday, July 18, 2008

Sewing Day

This is a wonderful quilt by Priscilla (-- her "miniature king-sized" quilt started in Pat Pauly's Slash and Burn class). We like everything about it -- color choices, placement and design, and quilting. We continue to pester her to enter it in an upper-level juried exhibition!

Here the jacket master is working on her desert jacket with the front and back panels on the wall behind her and the sleeves being worked on. A click on the picture will show the choices of pieced fabric used in the construction. Priscilla is also wearing a self-made (of course) top.

Beth spent the day working on her practice quilt for Ruth McDowell's class in September. She is coloring in fabric color choices on her completed template design. She proceeded to cut chosen fabrics and begin placement for her "water lilly" quilt.

Beth is wearing one of her newly-dyed t-shirts.

Inspector Suki is hard at work as she carefully examines boxes recently brought into the studio. She is a wonderful sentry and makes sure no contraband enters her domain.

Marcia hand sews a hanging sleeve on the Jet Trails #5 quilt to get it ready to go to the Tyler Art Gallery at SUNY Oswego for the exhibition, "A Personal Landscape: Contemporary Art Quilts." The exhibition dates are August 23 through October 19.

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