Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Harvest

We have a wonderful crop of ornamental gourds this year.  A warm wet summer filled a garden cart on the first day of picking.

The second day brought out the tractor bucket.  The goose-neck crop was gathered.  Notice the one in front -- all neck and no goose!


This further contribution yielded a couple hundred
more.  We have one more day of a walk-through search for other gourds missed on the first pass.  We'll then clean them up and arrange some in-house displays.  A substantial number will be packaged as gifts for friends.

Other late harvest included tomatoes, beans, everbearing red raspberries, flowers for drying, and a few more gourds.  We will keep gathering the late crops until a killing frost.  We have some late-season spinach, basil and parsley to add to the schedule.
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