Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opening for The Exquisite Corpse Exhibit

Nancy Hicks and Marcia examine and comment on one of the Exquisite Corpse pieces.  They were developed by a random scattering of three different panels to make a new wall hanging.

Marcia's Jet Trails #5 is in the right foreground and Bev Kondolf's Self-Portrait is in the corner.

Two more of the random combination panels highlight a 90-degree interior angle where walls meet.

Several of the student visitors at the reception were interested in tracking the movement of individual panels as they observed each completed piece.

The student curator was present throughout the afternoon.  Her name is Anait, and she was born in Russia, moved to Brooklyn and has been at SUNY Geneseo for three years.  She will have two bacalaureate degrees at the end of the year and is exploring several options for next year.   Anait said she is interested in working in some area involved with developing nations.  She is fluent in Russian and Spanish, as well as English. 

Linda Bachman's quilt is in the background.

This is Jeanne Simpson's recently completed quilt.  It displays her usual strong use of lines and shapes and a wonderful color sense.

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