Friday, October 1, 2010

Studio Visitors

DSCN6849-1Priscilla came for a sewing day and Bill dropped by for a little chat.
DSCN6851-1Priscilla is working on a new jacket made from fabric from India.  The fabric is actually two saris that have been sewn together with rows and rows of hand stitching.  She’s constructing the front and back pieces and incorporating some other fabrics that she strip-pieced.
Jeanne Simpson came another day for sewing, and we explored possible shape designs and fabrics that we could use.  Her shibori dyed and discharged fabrics would work well with some commercial fabrics she had with her.
DSCN6857-1 This piece of fabric that Jeanne brought looks like it could have been hand-dyed, but it is a commercial fabric.

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