Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Gardens

The Autumn clematis covers the garden pergola.  The wooden fence serves as a dividing structure between the grapes and raspberries, and the more formal perennial gardents.  The trimmed boxwood and variegated euonymous soften the effect.
The interior of the pergola provides seating for a rest and a nice view.  We have let the morning glories spread across the floor as well as climb the latticed walls.  They provide a nice touch of color.

The Japanese anemone are the stars of late blooming perennials.  They will last until a heavy frost and self-seed for next year.

This towering clump of perennial grass soars some 12 feet above the soft evergreen and dark red bayberry.  This other side of the perennial garden is kept in check  by a solid five-foot timber wall, which marks the demarkation point to more lawn and fenced pasture.

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Laura said...

I lived in NY most of my life (1 hr north of Syracuse) and seeing your garden makes me miss it so much--here in NC we were having a drought since July and everything died in my garden (flowers & veggies)--it was a very hot, dry, dusty, disappointing summer growing season, to say the least. The green in your pictures looks wonderful.