Sunday, April 19, 2009

More from Week 1 at the Barn

Many of the students in our class made presentations on their work. This is Anne Parker, who has been in a few other classes with me. She originates from Portland, OR, but is currently living in Vietnam. She's at the Barn for three weeks of classes this year. We loved all the different silk and linen outfits she wore each day.

Liz Anderson showed us some pieces she started last year that are now quilted and finished. The quilting was done on a long-arm machine with a multi-colored pastel thread.

This is part of our class, gathering to look at a student's work.

John created another wonderful bouquet for the start of our 2nd week of class.

Can you see the can at the bottom left of the picture? It's attached to a stick and has metal washers on strings tied to it. When twirled, it makes enough racket that both the upstairs and downstairs classes know that dinner is ready to be served!
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