Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ohio Jelly

Marcia is headed to the Nancy Crow Timberframe Barn for two weeks of classes in mid-April. Some fresh raspberry jelly will go along as gifts for old friends.

We processed whole purple raspberries and froze the juice last summer for our base today. The cooking phase ends with a rolling boil of the product, a combination of juice, pectin, and sugar. A dab of butter is added to control the foaming.

Marcia fills the jars, and the sealing lids are warming in the smaller pan.
Placing the lids on the filled jars and screwing on the rings (unskilled labor) is left up to Bill.

The completed product cools and stands ready to bring smiles to the recipients and furnish a sweet touch for many future snacks!
(We also left some for Bill to wisk away the sadness of a two-week bachelor existence!)

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