Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home from the Barn

Barb and I finished our two weeks at Nancy Crow's Barn and drove home Saturday.
These are the last of the pictures from our trip...

This is the motif Barb ended up using at the end of week 1. She used it in a wonderful small composition made with all small units.

This is our friend, Petra, captured as she was getting ready to make a presentation to the group. Petra curated the exhibition of over 50 quilts for the "Nancy Crow Works from 1988 - 2008" show at Carnegie Mellon University Center in Pittsburgh last summer.

The last composition I worked on was an assignment in going from "less" to "more". I like the colors and format in this piece and hope I can make it again with some variations.

And this is my last attempt at getting a good picture of Harry the LabraDoodle. He watched Barb and I pack to leave for home, along with his owners pack to leave on a vacation. And I think he knew he wasn't going to get to go too --- I know it's hard to tell, but I think he looked a bit sad....

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