Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crow Timberframe Barn

Barb and I drove to the Columbus, OH, area on Easter Sunday to participate in Nancy Crow's class on Sets and Variables. This is the timberframe barn which holds the quilting classes upstairs and the fabric dyeing classes downstairs.

The grounds are always lovely, but especially pretty with all the spring blooms.

This is the view from the barn towards the house. There are lots of daffodils and other spring flowers blossoming.

This is the "other" barn, used to store the farm implements.

And this is Greta, who has been on the farm for many years. She's usually nearby the barn to keep track of all the people coming and going.

There are lots of opportunities to walk around the farm which has more than 100 acres. This pond is a lovely relaxing spot just a short walk from the classrooms.
The fish in the pond are quick to come to see any visitors, as they are used to being fed by the many students who walk out to the pond.
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