Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trunk Show

Getting ready for a trunk show for the Thumbstall Quilt Guild in Marcellus, NY:

I store the quilts rolled up on pool noodles, as this avoids creases.  The quilts will be folded and put in the boxes in the order in which they'll be shown.

Suki helps by guarding the chosen quilts while they wait to go into the boxes and a suitcase, rather than a trunk, for the trip.

The audience gathers in the lower level of a stately old Methodist Church, named Wesley Hall (what else?).

With the quilts back in the studio, it's a matter of sorting them to go back on their particular rolls, and Suki is on hand to help.

She always chooses the thickest pile, and is ready to defend this perch with tooth and claw!

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