Saturday, August 8, 2015

Erie Canal Lock 29

Our nephew Steve and his wife, Kirsten, on the garden tour of our property.  They are keeping their eyes on their three children who love to run and explore.

All tourists get to see the canal and hopefully get to see the lock in action.  It remains a construction masterpiece and is being promoted by New York state as a vacation attraction.

Our grand-nephews and niece got to see boats in transit in both directions.   My brother is with them on the bridge that spans the lock.

The lock tenders are always glad to explain the control board that moves the gates, along with the history of the canal system.  My brother, Ken, and his grandson, Julian, are looking on.

The beautiful blue sky frames the release of the water from the lock as the boat is lowered so it can continue its journey. 

The bridge provides an excellent view of the process, and our California visitors were very lucky to have such a wonderful vantage point to see the lock in full operation in both directions.

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