Sunday, August 23, 2015



I was able to find these wonderful red haven peaches at Morgan Farms again this year.  They have been so yummy that we bought 3 bushels!

The peeled and pitted peaches are covered with a medium syrup and processed in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes for safety.  The old faithful canning kettle holds seven quarts at a time. 

It takes a while for the wide-mouth jars to cool down.  The taste of this fruit on a cold winter night is well worth all the time and effort to prepare it.

Some of the peaches were cooked with oranges, lemon zest, and sugar.  The result is a wonderful peach marmalade -- A treat for winter mornings!


Kathleen Loomis said...

I am so jealous! We've had bad luck with peaches this year and I would give my left arm for even one bushel of magnificent ones. But I wouldn't can them -- I would EAT THEM!!!!

Marcia said...

Wish we could share them with you! Even with all the canning we did, we're still eating them every day!