Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dylan's visit

Our grand-nephew Dylan and his mother, Jennifer, visited us from Virginia.  He is a precocious four year old who is very much interested in tractors and trucks.  Here he and his mother assemble a fire truck which can be altered to several configurations.  He always travels with a full compliment of vehicles.

He likes to ride in the bucket of the old Ford tractor.  His mom joins him in a tour of our gardens.

Dylan likes to sit in the driver's seat and move all the levers.  If he lived on a farm, he would soon be driving.

John Deere equipment is his very favorite, and he has John Deere pillow cases and a fleece blanket with the John Deere logo to sleep with.    He loves to steer the rider with Bill as passenger.

A highlight of his visit was a trip to the local Kubota dealer in town.  Not only did he get to check out all the equipment, but a kind employee took him for a ride on an excavator and allowed Dylan to use all the levers.

As the Ford tractor is parked back in the barn, it is evident that Dylan and Jennifer liked their ride.

We always enjoy their visits!!

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