Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canal Views

Nancy, one of our visitors from Long Island, had never seen the Erie Canal, and so we took her to visit Lock 29 in Palmyra, only a couple of miles from the studio.

Imagine our surprise and delight that we arrived just as a tour boat was entering the lock.

Of course, we told Nancy that we had planned it just for her!

The lock attendant allowed us to get near enough to watch both the opening and closing gates of the lock, and he gave lots of info on the history and operation of the canal.

Closing the gates behind the tour boat.

The attendant is on his way to the second gates to open them and lower the water level a total of 16 feet.

We watched as the water left the lock and the boat was lowered in the lock.


The gates are open and the boat can continue East to Newark and the next lock.


Nancy said...

Marcia, no pictures! Nancy

Pat Pauly said...

What a perfect day and perfect treat for your guests. Nice!

Pat Pauly said...

Perfect day for showing off! Nice of you to do that.