Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Growth

A surprise globe-like growth appears outside the gazebo garden. A hidden path leads through this part of our property, as a meditation spot with a stone bench is located along a path beyond the right background of this picture.

This is a mushroom puff ball.  They are edible at this stage of development, and Marcia remembers them as a treat on her parent's farm.  Sliced and fried in butter, they are tasty with a nice strong earthy flavor.

Our perennial grass garden nears full growth.  A double click will bring the background Chinese Chestnut tree into view.  A full crop of chestnuts will soon fall and serve as squirrel food.

The arborvitae maze garden to the right background has grown to 15-20 feet and adds a nice vertical touch to this tableau.

The most colorful late-year blooms feature the Japanese anenomes.  They are part of the buttercup family and will brightly produce up to a killing frost.

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