Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Happenings

Our barrel cactus has produced a scond blossom on this year's cycle -- Quite unusual.

The tall cactus plants to the right evoke thoughts of the SouthWest deserts.

Inspector Suki decided to help with sewing the facing on the latest Jet Trails quilt. 

We are sure it never enters her mind that she might be in the way!

We have had a resurgence of the frog population in all of our ponds this year. 

Here, two buddies are content under the watchful eye and protection of their ceramic brother.

This large and fierce-looking guy is the boss of the pond off the deck.  He (or she) will challenge any possible intruder, including humans!

Two more inhabitants wait quietly for a meal.  The flat rocks around the pond are perfect for their purposes, and they will sit there for a long while.
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