Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project Iron Quilter

The Tomkins Cortland County quilt show featured the Project Iron Quilter contest, which was great fun for all. To see lots more pictures and description of the action, see Priscilla's blog and Beth Brandkamp's blog

This is Sally Dutko, one of the Ithaca Quilting Divas, and Susan Marshall, the Canandian contestant. At the end of Sally's table, you can see the Mood Fabric shopping bag that each contestant was given.

After the contestants were given the theme, "To curve and not to curve", they had a few minutes to shop for (grab) fabrics from the table.

Here's Pat Pauly sewing in her favorite and famous "stand-up" position, and Priscilla Kibbee is working at her table.

Pat shows her finished piece, complete with hanging sleeve, and done before the end of the time limit. We like her use of her hand-dyed and discharged fabrics.

Pat used her discharged fabrics on the back of her piece.

Susan Clark was declared the winner of the contest.

Priscilla's outfit, "Thanks Kaffe" won first prize in the Viewer's Choice Wearable Art Category. It was in the 2006 Bernina Fashion Show and was made from 135 Kaffe Fasset fabrics and 5 long beaded bands from Guatemala and beaded bands from India.

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