Sunday, October 11, 2009


We harvested our experimental multi-colored carrots, and they presented an interesting variety of visual images.

They were cleaned up and cooked as usual, and tasted like their normal carrot cousins. With a little honey added, they made several very nice servings of dinner vegetables.

Our gourds are ready, and we are studying and preparing arrangements. Last year was a huge harvest, and we came no where near that number this year, but did get a nice variety.

Our visitor, Jeffrey, used the point-and-shoot camera, focused through our large telescope to capture a few of the hundreds of geese on our large several-acre pond that borders our property. The geese stop here twice a year-- in the spring headed north and now in the fall, resting on their way to their winter home in the south. It is entertaining to watch these large flocks take off and land. They hang around for a couple of weeks and then are gone..

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