Saturday, October 3, 2009

CC - Stage 8 now posted

Here is my contribution to Terry Jarrard-Dimond's Compositional Conversations project, which has now been posted on her blog

I decided that I wanted to add a color structure and large shapes for the remaining artists to react to and work with.

Please see her blog for pictures and details of the changes I made to the project.
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Unknown said...

Marcia, I'm in love with your blog. I'm sorry I haven't been here before, but it will now become a regular read for me. Your work is so detailed, so meticulously constructed, and yet has a loose, lively sense of fun that I'm finding very engaging.

I've been studying the hi-res photos of your pieces "Jet Trails #8" and particularly "Broken Squares", thank you so much for providing them! Breathtaking. This is the quality of quilting I hope to one day produce.

- Judi Hurwitt