Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Flowers - 4

Some indoor plants were repotted also as their outdoor cousins were planted. We have two Christmas cactus plants that have long brightened up our home, but had crowded their pots. We replanted them in larger vessels with fertilizer-enriched potting soil.

Our oval beds near the barn are readied with lots of flowers grown both for their colorful display and their drying qualities. Bill even got to dig some holes as his usual job of driving the tractor wasn't needed on this job.

Marcia waters in the new plants. Raised beds show off their flowers, but tend to dry out quickly and need frequent watering.

We planted larkspurs, strawflowers, statice, globe amaranth, and alyssum.

Curved hoops are covered with netting and pieces of wood are used to secure the edges from invasion by the usual plant-eating suspects.

Inspector Suki is not happy as she likes to hide in the growing plants and wait for an appropriate target to wander by.

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