Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Gardens - 3

Our 40-year-old grape vines show the sign of early growth. They have roots many feet deep and produce every year without fail. We added some high wire to the support structure and attached branching tips to them. This should encourage higher growth this year. We'll see....

This Alberta Spruce and concrete sphere mark the entrance to our collections of perennial gardens. Their renewal each spring is a ritual we faithfully pursue as the years roll by.

Our 40-year-old lilac tree climbs the pole that holds our "farm" light which automatically lights most of the property near the house from dusk to dawn.

The "sentinal" spruce at the garage entrance grows in early spring and stands guard all year round. The beautiful azalea at the base begins to flower, but is still a week or two away from being presentable for a picture and we'll show it then.

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