Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Gardens - 2

One of our perennial gardens has been weeded and trimmed. Karen Johnson and Marcia worked on it for several days. Bill helped -- he drove the tractor (man's work!).

The wild and wonderful wisteria begins to bloom and has completely engulfed the gazebo, which provides climbing support. The variegated euonymus sits in front, and the pergola covering the water lilly pond peeks in from the right side.

We transplanted our rhubarb plants last year, and they are prospering in full sun and manure-enriched soil. The vegetable garden in the background has been plowed and disked and the onions and spinach have been planted. Now we await warm weather for the rest of the plants and seeds.

We maintain several raspberry groupings. These are everbearing and will produce continuous crops until fall frost time. They provide a daily supply for breakfast cereal -- Yum!
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