Friday, May 29, 2009

Jacket Sewing - 1

A group of us got together for a few days of jacket sewing.

Nancy Crouch joined us, driving over an hour from her home in Montour Falls. She decided on some beautiful tiger fabric as her focus point for the back of her jacket.

Beth heard that some of us were going to try to make "orange" jackets again. (It seems that on previous attempts, our orange jackets turned out to be mostly black!)
She brought this centerpiece for the back of her jacket that she had made previously with very small stack-and-whack hexagons. She added more orange and was well on her way to a really orange jacket.

Marcia brought out a Chinese flower collar that she got from Priscilla that is to be the jacket back's focal point since it has lots of yellow-orange-reds. A little green and lots of blue are planned to complete it.

Priscilla auditioned two of her Chinese flower collars and decided on the one on the left -- I think because it's definitely the deepest orange!
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