Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Suki at Work

Early summer weather allows the studio visitors to drive around to the back of the house and enter the work space without carrying machines and fabrics downstairs.

Inspector Suki goes right to the task at hand as she checks out Barb's car. There is a sunroof on top, and Suki hopes it might be open enough to allow entrance -- no such luck.

The Inspector heads down the windshield thinking maybe the driver side door is ajar -- foiled again! Barb has dogs at home and perhaps Detective Suki detects the smell of other four-legged critters.

The tray that holds the windshield wipers looks like another possible entrance point, and Inspector Suki checks the entire length of this path.

As Suki heads to check the passenger-side door, she pauses as the side mirror presents a striking portrait of herself. She is a bit vain and often ponders her reflected image in her travels!

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