Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cutting up the pretties

Our friend, Pat Pauly, has long admonished those of us who hoard our beautiful fabrics to cut into them and put them to use. So it only made sense that she would take some of her latest shibori-dyed fabrics and see what she could do with them.

She cut two yards of fabric into triangles and resewed them into squares. This generated 24 squares - 4 rows of 6 squares each.

She really wanted to make a square composition, which would require 25 squares. She had enough scraps to make one more triangle and considered cutting into a different fabric for the last triangle.

But then she created this design with the original 24 blocks.
Changing the squares around generated some interesting secondary patterns.

She cut into another yard of her hand-dyed fabric to finish the piece.
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Grace said...

You must let Pat know that her fabs are gorgeous and the quilt from them is very beautiful.