Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marcia's latest effort

The evolution of design is a process that continues from start to finish on a project.

The blocks were made originally by "stacking and slashing" three fabrics. This early version included adding wide strips of dark brown and turquoise to the two columns destined to be separate pieces.

Further refinements were made when the blocks were sewn together, including using strips that are more narrow.

The quilting was done on the long-arm machine, and the Dainty Ditcher ruler was employed to help guide the spacing of parallel stitching lines.

After consultation and advice from friends, it was decided that the composition was stronger when sewn together as one piece. There is still some discussion underway as to the better way to hang the quilt; i.e., as shown or with a 90-degree rotation. What do you think?

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