Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beth, Nancy & Jeanne

Three quilters were at the studio today to work on their projects.

Beth is working on the template for her quilt featuring a blue heron, and Nancy worked on quilting the piece on the wall behind her.

Beth brought in the big quilt that's she hand quilting so that she could get a picture of it for the entry form for Genesee Valley Quilt Club's upcoming quilt show.

Beth also brought in one of the I Spy quilts she's working on that now has borders and a cute backing fabric featuring pigs.

Nancy also finished quilting the camel quilt that she's donating to the Women Helping Girls organization for their auction. (www.communitywishbook.com/WomenHelpingGirls.html)

And Jeanne worked on finishing a piece from a Sharon Craig workshop. We love the colors and the design.
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