Monday, February 23, 2009

Ren Vasiliev - paper and fiber collage

Ren is a teacher and head of the Geography Department at SUNY Geneseo. She is also a consumate fiber artist, and you can see her work at

This is a class project she assigned her cartography class and also completed as an exercise herself. A left click will bring out more of the details as the book unfolds and each page "charts" descriptive representation of her activities and personal space during the semester duration of the course. The sum of the story is wonderfully well done and shows her creative nature perfectly!

We have her stuffed cat and red stool as visitors, on their way back to her from posing for a drawing class.

We don't know their history, but they add a nice visual accent to their corner of the studio. Best of all, the cat requires little care, but does appreciate a little pat now and then as one passes by!

We thought that Inspector Suki might enjoy, or at least respond, to the visitor. But after a short perusal, she ignores the transgressor. Here she assumes her watchful pose perched on soft piles of fabric as she watches Marcia at work.

Another Priscilla project adorns the design wall during her last visit to the studio. It will be interesting to see what her final result is.
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ren said...

Ah yes, the fat cat. Her name is Josephine and she did indeed once scare a real cat into a big hissy fit. But usually she just sits around being large. See you! Ren