Monday, April 21, 2008

Slash & Burn with Pat Pauly

Pat Pauly is leading our group of 8 students through her Slash & Burn class here at the studio.

Here Pat is showing us some examples of fabric pieces she has created and some techniques for Slashing them into new shapes. Barb Magin is to the left and Nancy Hicks has her back to the camera.

These pictures are all from Day 1 of the class.

At the left is the beginning composition done by Charmaine Babineau, and the one on the right is by Linda Bachman.
Nancy Hick's composition is on the wall. She is in the back of the picture with Pat Pauly, and in front are Charmaine Babineau and Barb Magin.

Pat is conferring with Priscilla about her composition.
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