Sunday, April 6, 2008

Signs of Spring

"Bug" season has returned. We have a contract for coverage with Enviro-Tech, and they make periodic sweeps of the area. All of our wonderful wood addition is susceptible to carpenter ant invasion, and we are trying to wage appropriate counter-measures.
We transplanted these "snow drops" as bulbs from the ground around our new studio. They make a nice early appearance under some spruce trees in the front yard. Their regenerative nature is one of nature's miracles.

The tulips begin to grow. This group has survived several winters, squirrel attacks, and Suki's tendency to dig bathroom holes in the area.

Our fish are on the move from winter dormancy. They are again looking for food and some juvenile additions are visible in the upper area of the picture. The pond-cleaning crew from "Clearly Acquatics" will be here later this week to really start the season.
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