Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April Barn Cleaning

We have more piles of "stall material" ready for garden distribution. Our friends, Bill and Sky, help out. Sky is so named because he is almost seven feet tall. He is also a baker at the Penfield Wegman's and brings empty frosting plastic buckets for fabric dyeing.

Crystal, our guest mare, enjoys the beginning grass shoots as she waits for her stall cleaning. We have a front exercise and show paddock which we use as extra pasture and holding spot for the horses.

Our 30+ year-old gelding, Fella, also looks for new sprouts. He made it through the winter in good shape, and his attitude about life in general improves markedly in the good weather of spring and summer.

Inspector Suki loves the closets in the new studio, and here surveys the world from a basket of fabric scraps. The sliding doors usually cover these areas, and Suki takes every opportunity to explore when she has a chance.

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