Sunday, April 6, 2008

Transplanting Rhubarb

Inspector Suki was interested in today's gardening ventures. She climbed into the shrubery above the old rhubarb stand to more closely observe. As these plants are 30 years old, she had never seen such activity.

This area is now covered by shade from a nearby apple tree for a good part of the day. We are moving the rhubarb to a sunnier spot. The ground has dried out enough to give the re-settlement a try.

The rhubarb's new home is in an equally old raspberry row, but is in full sun. The soil has been enriched with many years of horse-stall "residue." We'll hope for the best, as Bill waters in the newly moved inhabitants.

Inspector Suki assumes that all human activity is for her benefit. As Marcia shed her outer jacket in the warm sun, Suki decided it made a soft, comfortable nest in which to continue her supervisory duties.

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