Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our orchids are providing wonderful blooms this spring.

This particular flower is very fragrant, which is not typical of orchids. Its blooms will not last as long as the "pansy" orchids in the remaining pictures.

We have had good luck in getting our plants to bloom year after year. Some of these are several years old and were purchased either on our Florida trips or from local growers or stores.
We keep the flowers on stands facing a southern window in our basement apartment. They do receive year-around sun and are watered/misted regularly (or fairly regularly if we remember!)

We don't often disturb the plants by repotting unnecessarily. They prefer to be pot-bound, and it's common for their roots to hang out over the edges of the pots. We also keep the pots sitting on humidity trays of water that help moisten their daily environment.

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