Saturday, November 3, 2007

Outside Projects

Every year we hustle to complete our landscaping projects before the winter arrives. We have been known to still be building gardens during Christmas week. With the construction projects this year we have K-Way Landscaping on the job to work on our ground floor entrances.

The first two pictures show the finished look on our new studio and the doors leading to Marcia's wet studio for dyeing and the in-law apartment we built for Marcia's grandmother. We used pavers on edge, rounded crushed stone, and scattered pieces of blue stone to lead to entrances -- a simple, but elegant solution.

The north side of the new studio was completed with 350 pachysandra plants and a mulch layer against the wall and in back of the drip line. In a year this area will fill in and be almost mainenance free, and the sloping line of green plants will accent the brick wall.

In the horse pasture we dug a four-foot deep hole and replaced the water hydrant. We had made repairs from the surface, hoping to solve our problem, but had to "bite the bullet" and do a complete new installation. The water will shut off at the lower end of the pipe, well below the frost line, and insure a dependable supply of drinking water for the horses, no matter what the air temperature.

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