Monday, November 12, 2007

New Blacktop

As you property owners know, there is no end to needed improvements. We are always considering upgrades in all areas. We decided to blacktop a gravel driveway which leads from the road to our new studio and our two barns.

After cleaning and leveling the surface, a load of stone is delivered. The area being treated was a low spot that needed drainage dug before the stone was applied.

The stone is crushed and treated with a vibrating roller. Although small in size, the machine weighs over one ton and delivers further pressure with a rapid downward pulse. The blacktop is applied at the roadside in the background.

The blacktop (asphalt) is applied by machine. The spreader also includes a compactor, and the workers use tampers to firm up the edges. The roller finishes up this process with further pressure applications. We only covered the first part of the driveway and will continue the paving next year.

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