Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

We often have deer who join the horses in the fenced pasture. This group stayed for at least 30 minutes this morning before moving on. As this is hunting season, they tend to keep on the move as they try to elude the guns.

We continue to process the sweet pepper crop. Here chopped peppers are sorted by color to include in various recipes and are packaged for the freezer. We finally did have a killing frost that ended our particularly long growing season this year. Global warming or climate cycles?

Our first dusting of snow appeared today. Each season brings its visual charms and early winter is no exception. We just finished our mulch application to all the plantings around the front and back of the house. This dark layer adds nicely to the contrast with greenery and snow. We are fortunate to live in a latitude that presents such variety in color as the calendar rolls along.
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