Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Clean-up Day

We carried the planters from the deck in the tractor's bucket to the desired disposal spot in the garden.

After pulling the existing plants for the mulch pile, the soil is prepared for distribution.

We put the potting soil from the flower boxes around the perennial herb garden. Here Marcia works on adding more to the sage and the planting spots for next year's parsley.

Suki, the inspector, was present to insure the project was completed to her satisfaction. She had climbed to the top of the pergola and here searches for a path to descend from her perch some 10 feet above ground. Somehow she manages to go both up and down without assistance. It's no wonder she returns from her adventures with scratches and fur filled with seeds and stickers. She is an amazing acrobat!

The oval gardens near the horse barn are cleaned and readied for next year's planting of straw flowers and other varieties of flowers for drying. The green sprouts visable are the beginning signs of the larkspur started for spring and summer.

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