Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back from the Barn

Barb Seils and I had a wonderful week at Nancy Crow's Timberframe Barn in Ohio ( for her Lines, Circles and Curves class.

Here are a few of the "sketches" (quick compositions) I did from the first assignment to study line and shape.

Our next assignment was to create a composition using Line, and I decided to work on a "spare" structure. I didn't take this design any further, but I think it has possibilities.

Next we practiced cutting and sewing curves and circles, and I accomplished a totally set-in circle --- which I then cut through with more lines.

Our last composition was to start with four "bulls eyes" that would create a finished piece 80 inches by 80 inches. I decided to rearrange the parts of the circles and slash through them. I think this is an interesting start, and there's more slashing to come.

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