Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden helpers

We no longer attempt to take care of all our gardens without help.  Our friends, Monica and Karen, were on hand again to help with the weeding in the perennial gardens.

By afternoon the gals were still doing the tedious hand weeding.  We added mulch in all the beds, which makes them look great and hopefully will discourage some of the weeds.

You can see Monica's dog, Trevor, behind Karen.

Our friend Bill tackles the vegetable garden with the large, powerful Troy-built "horse" tiller. 
The peppers, tomatoes, onions, summer and winter squash, spinach, string beans, and basil are all doing well.

We weren't sure what this plant was.  The three-leafed end of the stem worried us as a possible "itchy" invader.  The development of flowers relieved our anxiety as the astilbe revealed its identity!


CrazyCatLady said...

Hi Marsha, I used to own a TroyBilt "horse" -- passed it down to my grandson and it's still going strong! Your gardens are beautiful!

Marcia said...

Thanks! Our tiller came from my Dad, so it's been here for many years. It works great, but is just too big for me!