Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canna Lillies

The cycles of gardening are eternal and remind us of the schedule of the changing seasons at our latitude. 

Here we're placing a clump of canna lily bulbs so the tall red flowers can grace the end post in our grape mini-vineyard.

We dig up the tubers in the fall, store them in the cellar, and return them to the ground in the spring.  Bill is good at unskilled labor.  After 40-years experience, he digs a good furrow (almost straight) !

Marcia does the skilled labor demanded by the process (roots side down, buds up).  We planted two parallel rows between our rhubarb plants.

More unskilled labor...  Bill covers the crop with our soil, enriched with years of  horse stall refuse.  After some gentle tamping on the surface, we wait for rain and sunshine to bring on another summer and fall of beautiful foliage and spectacular flowers.

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