Monday, December 5, 2011


Friend Liz Anderson came to spend a Sunday with me dyeing a few scarves, some of which just might end up in some Christmas stockings.  Of course, that assumes that we don't have to keep them for ourselves!

My work space with the big sinks is in a part of our basement that can be chilly in colder weather.  So we were very happy that it was sunny and mild outside and in the 70's in our work area.

Our experimenting with making dye colors turned out really well, and we had turquoise, plum, rust, and black to work with.

For a few of the pieces, we "scrunched" the scarves in plastic containers and poured the dye over them.  We didn't do much manipulation and got some lovely soft patterning.

For one of the scarves, I folded it and applied lots of clothes pins to act as a resist, and let it rest in the dye.  The scarf has small marks where the pins pinched the fabric and gave it an interesting pattern.

This scarf have its own pattern made by the burnt velvet, so we just put it in the bucket of dye.


We dyed both silk and cotton scarves.

These are a few of the ones that I dyed and doesn't include the gray, black and other turquoise scarves that we did.

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Pat Pauly said...

Love to see the results in person...and it looks like you had a bit of fun as well.