Friday, December 2, 2011

Form, Not Function

I'm very pleased to announce that "Jacob's Coat" has been selected for the "Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie" exhibit. 

The jurors are Kate Lenkowsky, Marti Plager, and Jennifer Sargent, and they accepted 24 pieces from 278 individual entries received from 107 artists.

The Carnegie Center for Art and History is in New Albany, Indiana, and the exhibit will be held from January 6 through March 3, 2012.

I've included the postcard for the exhibit and the list of artists below.

Katherine Allen; Fort Lauderdale, FL; EVENTIDE(Triptych)
Brooke Atherton; Billings, MT; They Melt Like Mist, the Solid Lands
Deborah Bein; Poughkeepsie, NY; ALLELE (The Genome Project Series)
Peggy Brown; Nashville, IN; Changing Colors III
Betty Busby; Albuquerque, NM; Fracture
Erika Carter; Renton, WA; Cradle 2
Marcia DeCamp; Palmyra, NY; Jacob`s Coat
Jayne Gaskins; Fernandina Beach, FL; Morning Train
Martha Hall; Vernon, NJ; Double Talk
Liz Kuny; Mendham, NJ; Airborne
Valerie Maser-Flanagan; Carlisle, MA; Chrysalises # 2
Patricia Mink; Johnson City, TN; Tapia Study
Kathy Nida; El Cajon, CA; Feeding Time
Sandra Palmer Ciolino; Cincinnati, OH; Fractures #3: Intersections
Pat Pauly; Pittsford, NY; Pink Leaf 4 (Yellow)
Lisa Penny; Ridgefield, CT; Wall Street
Julia Pfaff; Richmond, VA; Contrast IX - Yellow
Shawn Quinlan; Pittsburgh, PA; The Fix Is In
Mary Ruth Smith; Waco, TX; Crossover
Virginia Spiegel; Byron, IL; Boundary Waters 53
Janet Steadman; Lanley, WA; Why,Why,Why
Linda Walburn; Grand Rapids, MI; Entropy 3
Marianne Williamson; Miami, FL; Pollution in the Gulf
Charlotte Ziebarth; Boulder, CO; Autumnal Equinox 3: Before the Frost


Beth Brandkamp said...

Congratulations Marcia!!! Excellent!

Sue Reno said...

Congratulations, I really love the energy in this piece.