Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December ?

The ground is frozen, and we are cutting back the tarragon and rosemary so we can cover the plants with several inches of bark mulch.

Hopefully, this procedure keeps the cycle of freezing and thawing to a minimum and enhances the chance of the plants' winter survival.

Our  mild weather allows some spring clean-up chores to be completed several months early. 

We like the late start to winter.  In fact, we wouldn't mind if it never came this year!

Some berries appear on the perennial garden shruberry.  It makes good feed for winter birds, although no need for such as yet.

Wonderful clear, mild days follow one upon another.  Our western sky presents a series of colorful sunsets even if it is before 5 pm!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree - no winter storms etc. would be wonderful! Sigh! The sunset is lovely. Liz