Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Quilts at the Chandler

The "Art Quilts XVI: Something to Say" exhibit is on now at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler, AZ.

The exhibit opened November 28, 2011, and runs through January 28, 2012.

Thanks to Sherry Kleinman, shown here with her "Bedtime Stories" quilt, for sharing some pictures from the venue.

The artists included in the exhibit are

Pamela Allen, Sandra Branjord, Sarah Bowker, Sherryl Buchler,
Betty Busby, Benedicte Caneill, Erika Carter, Lisa Chipetine, Gerrie Congden, Denise Currier, Marcia De Camp, Linda Engstrom, Deborah Fell, Linae Frei, Susan Garrity, Claire Gimber, Terry Grant, Nancy Graves-Green, Virginia Greaves, Betty Hahn, Marla Hattabaugh, Georgia Heller, Gwen Jones, Margit Kagerer, Kathleen Kastles, Margaret Keeney, Pamela Price Klebaum, Sherry Kleinman, Sandra Lauterbach, Anita Mabante Leach, Jill Le Croissette, Denise Linet, Linda McCurry, Frances Murphy, Nancy Nakamoto, Kathy Nida, Marti Plager, Nancy Proctor, Wen Redmond, Sue Reno, Maria Shell, Brenda Smith, Mariana Smith, Hazel Stone, Mary Vaneecke, Marilyn Wall, Kathryn Wild, Heidi Zielinski

My "Jet Trails #9" quilt is on the center column in both views below.


Sue Reno said...

Looks great! Congrats again.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Oh, wow. What can one say but "Amazing show"!
best from Tunisia,