Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sewing Days

Priscilla and Linda were at the studio for a couple of sewing days earlier this week.

Linda started a couple of tote bags and has the start of a new quilt on the design wall.

Priscilla and I started selecting fabrics for some new jackets.

The indigo fabric with the red trim is a new find from Priscilla's recent trip, and she brought home enough to share -- lucky me!

Here are the fabrics I've collected so far. The woven pieces on the left are from one of Priscilla's trips to Guatemala.

Here are more fabrics that Priscilla is considering, either for the new jacket or another one in the future.

Suki was very happy to find Priscilla in the studio and immediately made herself available for attention on Priscilla's fabrics.
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