Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Signs of Spring

The tulip tree doesn't keep its blossoms for very long.

We have tulips around the trees again, after figuring out that the little white fences seem to be enough to discourage the deer from eating the plants before they even form flowers.

Our two hosta plants off the deck are just starting to come up. The metal hoops are at the ready, in case we find evidence of the deer coming this close to the house.

In the perennial gardens, though, we know the hostas won't get very far once the deer find them again. So we have placed the metal hoops with black plastic netting to cover the plants.

Our big garden tractor is still in the shop for its spring tuneup, and our little garden cart has been pressed into service to carry away the branches and weeds that are accumulating from the start of the spring cleanup.
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