Thursday, May 26, 2011

Critter visits

The newborn fawn was routed from its hiding place as the front pasture was trimmed by our rotary mower.  The three-foot tall grass was cut, and fortunately the baby moved out of the way in time.

Fawns of this age are often taught to stay motionless and quiet.  They have no heavy scent and are safe from wandering coyote and fox.  Later in the day the little baby was gone, and we assume Mother came back to pick him or her up!

Our old horse pasture has been taken over by resident deer herds.  A couple of regular visitors are watching and checking on Beth, as she photographs them.  Beth thinks at least one of the does, if not both, is pregnant.  What do you think?

We also have a resident pair of Canadian geese and their four goslings on the pond along the driveway between our two barns. They will stay until the babies can fly, which will take a few weeks.

Our other regular resident is the pretty skunk who hunts for grubs in the morning and early evening.   She has a regular route which brings her path close to the house.  This critter mostly ignores the humans, and we certainly do not try to intrude on the important food-hunting business.

Inspector Suki kind of enjoys all the activity, but so far, has not intruded on the presence of the larger animals.  We have to be careful,  as with only mild encouragement, she will chase the skunk.  We keep waiting for her to learn a painful and smelly lesson!

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