Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gourds on Display

One of the goose-neck variety has fled to the safety of the upper shelf of our wall bookcases.

World-traveler Priscilla opines that it looks more like a cobra snake rising out of a basket.  We're sure she has seen the real thing many times!!

Here some of Marcia's quilts, that are coming back from and going out again to juried shows, join some of Mother Nature's color creations.

Double clicking will bring a real close-up into view.  Both wall and table display interesting examples of color choice.

Each individual gourd contains wonderful combinations of pattern, shape, and design.  Together the group demonstrates nature's majesty and variation.

The shades of green are great and the melted-candle look of the large samples on the right and rear are some of our favorites.  Looking at all our gourds reminds us of enjoying sunsets -- much to admire and ample time to linger in view.

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