Monday, October 11, 2010

Studio visitors

Beth and Priscilla were here for a sewing day, and I made a bit more progress on my latest jacket.

By the time I remembered to get out the camera, Priscilla had already finished working on her newest jacket.

Beth was organizing the hexagon pieces that she made while at her beach house in NC. This is one of three hexagon quilts that she is finishing up.

Priscilla made some more progress on her quilt that is comprised of batik panels that she purchased in Nepal.

Beth is working on the 2nd hexagon quilt. Once she was satisfied with the layout, she pinned the pieces to a sheet of flannel so she could take it home to start sewing the blocks together.

Priscilla's fabrics that are next to Beth's blocks are beautiful hand-dyed pieces from Elin Nobel that are being considered for the next new jacket.

And a couple of days later, Jeanne Beck and Jeanne Simpson were here for a work session. As a follow-up to our class with Becky Howdeshell on design elements, we each worked from one of the assignments Becky had given us, to see what more we could do with it.
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